Tuesday, May 23, 2006

TimePro MYOB® Integration Module*

Intertec TimePro’s MYOB® Integration Module* lets you take time-billing to the next level – by allowing you to integrate web-based timesheets with MYOB for invoicing and payroll processing.

With TimePro’s MYOB Integration Module, you can automate the process of creating Sales Invoices, Purchase Invoices and Activity Slips in MYOB using time records captured in TimePro.

3 Easy Steps for Simple MYOB Integration

TimePro’s MYOB Module Integration is ideal for:

  • Service-based businesses using MYOB that are looking to streamline their time billing and invoicing processes.
  • Organisations providing professional services to be charged at an hourly rate.
  • Businesses wishing to integrate a web-based timesheet recording and management solution with MYOB’s payroll module.

How does the MYOB Module Integration work?

Step 1: Time Entry
Your staff record their times in TimePro against the various projects they have worked on. At the end of a time period (week, fortnight or month), they submit their timesheets with a click of a button. The time records are now ready to be exported into MYOB.

Step 2: Data Export
In TimePro, your company’s Administrator checks that all staff members have submitted their timesheets for the time period. Upon confirming this, the Administrator then chooses to export the time records to MYOB as Sales Invoices, Purchase Invoices and/or Activity Slips.

Step 3: MYOB Integration
Intertec TimePro Time Records can be imported into MYOB as:

  • MYOB Sales Invoices: Time records from TimePro can be consolidated into MYOB as Sales Invoices, with each staff member’s time being represented as a single line item on an invoice.
  • MYOB Purchase Invoices: Time records for contract staff can be consolidated into MYOB as Purchase Invoices, saving you from having to manually enter invoices that you will receive from any contract staff.
  • MYOB Activity Slips: Time records can be extracted directly as Activity Slips for integration with MYOB. The Activity Slips in MYOB can then be used to generate Time Billing Sales Invoices and to optionally integrate with MYOB’s payroll module.

For more information please go to: www.timesheets.com.au/about_myob.asp

* This product has not been endorsed and is not supported by MYOB Australia.

Friday, May 19, 2006

TimePro at the MYOB PartnerConnection 2006 Conferences

The MYOB PartnerConnection 2006 Conferences are designed to offer MYOB Partners time-effective ways for gaining knowledge of the 2006 release of MYOB’s Business Software range. Be among the first to preview resources, including the Intertec TimePro MYOB Integration module, that will help support your clients.

After a successful three days at the MYOB Partner Connection 2006 Conference in Perth, Intertec TimePro will be going “on the road” to showcase and demonstrate the TimePro MYOB Integration module at the PartnerConnection Conferences in Sydney and Melbourne. Dates and venues are as follows:

MYOB PartnerConnection 2006 Conference

  • Sydney: 25th and 26th May – Novotel Sydney, Olympic Park
  • Melbourne: 31st May and 1st June – Langham Hotel, Southbank

For more information: