Wednesday, August 30, 2006

TimePro Referral Program launched

This year saw the launch of the TimePro Referral Program. If your clients benefit from using TimePro, refer them on to us and receive a 10% referral reward.

For more information, contact Intertec Consulting on +61 (08) 9286 3911 or email

Coming Soon: TimePro PDA Integration

Mobile users will soon be able enter their timesheets wherever they are. Optimized for the screens of PDA devices, the pdatime™ entry option provides a fast, easy to use timesheet entry that invites the user to enter and post timesheets as the work is done, allowing for immediate posting for analysis and reporting.

Standard Features include:
  • Timesheet entry
  • Optional Expenses entry
  • Only lists the user's jobs / projects
  • With Scheduling, prefills assignments of Today's Jobs making entry even easier
  • Stopwatch facility
  • Notes entry
  • Review previous entries
  • Submit to Manager for approval
  • Auto missing timesheet alerts available
  • Utilizes wireless LAN or Bluetooth Cell connection to allow timesheet entry anytime / anywhere
  • Supports Ipaq's and most other systems running Windows CE, Pocket PC 2000, 2002 & 2003

Keep an eye on the TimePro website for the pdatime™ release date.