Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Coming Soon to TimePro: Global Projects, Bulk Rate Change and a New Interface

We continually strive to enhance and improve Intertec TimePro web timesheets by adding functionality that is applicable to our broad customer base. In this light, we are planning to release the following important new features with our next major upgrade: TimePro v5.0.

Global Projects
In the past, to make a Project visible to all Staff, the system administrator was required to assign each Staff member to that Project either manually or using the application's Copy Project/Staff features.

In future the Administrator will be able to flag a Project as "Global", meaning that it will automatically become visible to all Staff without any need for the system administrator to make the assignment. To achieve this there will be other associated enhancements such as Default Staff Cost and Charge Rates stored at the Staff level and used by the application when making the assignment of Staff to Project.

This functionality is expected to significantly reduce the amount of administrative overhead for organisations that require all or certain Projects to be set up to be visible to all Staff.

Bulk Rate Change
The new Bulk Rate Change feature is designed to streamline the task of maintaining Staff-Project rates in TimePro. With Bulk Rate Change, Administrators can change the Cost and/or Charge Rates for all or nominated Staff on Projects.

Staff will also be assigned default Cost and Charge Rates, which will be used when you assign Staff to Projects.

New Stylish Interface
TimePro v5.0 will feature a new stylish interface which updates the look and feel, making the interface more visually appealing as well as easier to use for both Administrators and Users.

Moreover, you can now select the colour scheme for the interface from a choice of available colour themes.