Wednesday, September 02, 2009

TimePro v5.1 set for release in September 2009

Soon, you will be able to track time anywhere, anytime, more effectively and more efficiently, thanks to a suite of new features and enhancements in Intertec TimePro.

Version 5.1 finds a whole host of new features and functionality added to the already proven and easy-to-use Intertec TimePro solution. Some of the major enhancements include:

Major enhancements

Project and Staff multi-selector

A new multi-selector tool has been added to a number of Intertec TimePro reports which gives Intertec TimePro Administrators the ability to select a range of Staff or Project record values for inclusion in one report. This tool allows the selection of criteria by groups such as Staff Type, Status Customer and/or Chargeability, or the selection of specific Staff or Projects to include in the report from a list of available records.

Customer and Supplier access to Intertec TimePro

You can now create logins for external customers and suppliers, giving restricted access to a few selected Intertec TimePro reports so that Customers can view details recorded against their Projects and that Suppliers can view details recorded against their contract Staff.

Configurable field width of drop-down menus in Time Entry and Expense Entry screens

In Intertec TimePro v5.1, you can specify the maximum width of the drop-down menus in Time Entry – for the Customer, Project and Task drop-downs. Widths can be set between 0 (for automatic drop-down sizing) and 500 pixels (roughly 80 characters).

Simplified, easy-to-use Custom Report release

With Intertec TimePro v5.1, it will be easier for Intertec TimePro Administrators to release standard Admin-only pages to Users. Administrators use a user-friendly menu interface to select the User (or category of User), along with the pages they want released to non-Admin user/s.

Faster system performance

The Intertec TimePro timesheet system is now even faster – especially on pages which display a lot of data.

Automatic control of Input Rows

Need more rows to enter your Time or Expense records? Intertec TimePro v5.1 now intelligently detects if you are entering data in the last row and will create a new row for you.

Other enhancements

  • Authorisation email text can now be edited, and includes Company name: Emails automatically sent to authorising managers when a timesheets is submitted can now be edited n the Intertec TimePro configuration settings.

  • Projects can now be re-assigned to a different customer: In previous versions of Intertec TimePro, the Customer assigned to a Project is fixed once the Project record is saved and cannot be changed. With v5.1, this restriction has been lifted -- you can now re-assign a Project to a different Customer.

  • Staff Project Record now lists up to 1000 records: With the performance improvements in Intertec TimePro v5.1, the limit for listing Staff Project records has been increased from 500 records to 1000 records.

  • Mail server authentication enabled in Intertec TimePro In-house: Mail server authentication is now an optional system configuration for Intertec TimePro In-house users who use a mail server with SMTP authentication.

  • New report - Staff Attendance Report: This reports attendance times for a period. It is visible only if Attendance Times are enabled in the TimePro configuration settings.

  • Expense record deletion alert:T he functionality of Expense record deletion has been improved to prevent records from being accidentally deleted. In previous versions of Intertec TimePro, Expense records were permanently removed when the User chose the Delete option. Now, Expense records are first marked for deletion and only permanently removed when the user presses "Save Changes" in the Expense entry screen. This gives the user the ability to back out if records have been deleted by mistake.

  • Configuration settings show “On” and “Off” modes: The Configuration Setting screens now display "On" or "Off" statements alongside each configuration setting’s checkbox. The text toggles as the checkbox is selected or not deselected.

MYOB Integration Module Upgrades

Integration with the latest MYOB releases: We have updated the Intertec TimePro MYOB Integration Module to enable integration with the most recent releases of MYOB Accounting and Business Products, including:

  • MYOB Accounting 17-18.5 (Australia)
  • MYOB Accounting Plus 17-18.5 (Australia)
  • MYOB Premier 11-12.5 (Australia)
  • MYOB Accounting 17-18 (New Zealand)
  • MYOB Accounting Plus 17-18 (New Zealand)
  • MYOB Premier 11-12 (New Zealand)

MYOB Activity Slips export: Intertec TimePro v5.1 gives Administrators the option of limiting time records for export as Activity Slips to:

  • All data, regardless of setting
  • Only Projects which are flagged for export to MYOB
  • Only Projects which are not flagged for export to MYOB