Thursday, November 29, 2007

TimePro Deluxe - Version 5.00 nears release

This year, Intertec canvassed our broad customer base to enquire about improvements they would like to see in TimePro v5.00 - our next major upgrade for Intertec TimePro web timesheets.

The new features, functions and improved performance of TimePro v5.0 are based on feedback and requests for enhancements to the system we received from you, our valued customers.

With the New Year just around the corner, the Intertec TimePro team is busy finalising the development of TimePro v5.00. Look for our official announcement of the release of Intertec TimePro v5.00 on our website ( and in our Summer 2008 newsletter!

Team TimePro takes on the Great Bike Ride

Team TimePro has taken to the streets once again on their "deadly treadlies" for this year's City of Perth Great Bike Ride on Sunday 25 November 2007.

The City of Perth Great Bike Ride is an annual event, offering participants of all abilities the opportunity to participate in one of WA's premiere cycling events. A range of routes are available, with some of the best views the city of Perth has to offer.

Sporting our characteristic TimePro jerseys, the team placed well this year, with a number of cyclists coming in the top 10 in the 53km Timed Ride.