Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The online time sheet: Leveraging the power of the Web

What makes TimePro different from our competitors?

  1. Whether you're using our Hosted subscription or In-house solution, our time sheet solution is 100% web-based. In other words, there is no need to install anything on your local computer. Simply log-in to the website to use the TimePro time sheet system, either as a User or an Administrator. TimePro leverages the power of the World Wide Web to give you time sheet access to the system anytime and wherever you are connected to the Internet.

  2. Our time sheet is available via mobile devices. If an employee is on site and does not have access to a computer to enter their time sheet, they can access TimePro on their mobile device via our Compact Interface. This provides a neat and easy-to-use interface for time recording. TimePro Administrators can also access the Compact Interface to view and edit time sheets on behalf of staff.

  3. Our timesheet integrates with MYOB for sales invoicing, purchases invoicing and payroll integration. Once staff time sheets have been completed, you can export the data as sales invoices, purchases invoices or activity slips into MYOB and automatically generate invoices, or process the activity slips for payroll integration or time billing. Have a look at our MYOB Integration Quick Tour to see how easy it is to do this.
To find out more about TimePro's innovative and easy-to-use time sheet functions, have a look at our Key Time Sheet Features Listing.