Friday, August 01, 2008

Upgrade for TimePro v5.0 released

A new upgrade for Intertec TimePro v5.0 has been released. This upgrade (v5.0995) adds a number of new enhancements to the system, including:
  • longer descriptions for Global Tasks

  • two new drop-down menus are now available in the Check Timesheets screen that will allow you to filter the list of Staff displayed in the Staff Time Summary table; useful if you have a large User licence

  • SSL compatibility lets Intertec TimePro+ In-house customers who would like to run Intertec TimePro in a more secure environment

  • editing time records which have been previously invoiced and batched for MYOB will now retain those time records' batched/invoiced status.
Further information about these enhancements can be found on the TimePro Upgrades List in the Support section of